Safely Removing and Trimming Trees and Grinding Down The Stumps!

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Whether your tree is dead and needs removed, overgrown and needs trimmed, or already gone but has the stump in the ground still, we can help. We are certified and insured and are ready to help you with any and all of your tree service needs!

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Sometimes trees can’t be trimmed and the best course of action is to remove the tree. Not sure if your tree needs to be trimmed or removed? Here are the top 5 reasons for removing a tree:

Dead Trees – removing dead trees is very important! Once a tree has died, overtime it will become weak. Weak trees cannot withstand storms as well as healthy trees. Eventually, the trees limbs will break off with every storm, if the storm is strong enough, it could take down the entire tree. This could then fall on your house, your car, or even a person. Avoid the damage, and call us instead!

Diseased Trees – There are certain insects and pests that can cause diseases to a tree. If you don’t remove the tree, it could spread to other trees and infect them as well. 

Damaged Trees – Severe weather is the main cause of damaged trees. Doesn’t matter if it’s a thunderstorm, or a snow storm. Once a tree has become damaged, you could attempt to trim it first, but many times, the damage is too severe and removal of the tree is the best option to avoid any property damages.

Encroaching Trees – these are trees that maybe are too close to a power line. Have grown to wide that they are now hitting your house or building and maybe even disturbing and causing damage to your foundation. In these cases, removing the tree would be beneficial.

“Shedding” Trees – These trees might grow seeds or fruits that are constantly dropping on your yard. They might have bark that breaks very easily making a mess on your yard. Whatever the case may be, if you’re ready for it to be removed, give us a call!


Trimming your trees is very important, not just for safety issues and curb appeal, but also for the health of the tree. They need to be trimmed in order to healthily grow! Here are top 3 reasons to trim you trees regularly:

Tree Appearance – Some limbs might grow more than others, or you might have limbs break off in the middle; which can leave your tree looking uneven/unbalanced and not nice to look at. Which in turn, could leave your landscaping not looking as nice as it could. 

Tree Health – Removing dead and broken tree limbs can be beneficial for the trees overall health. Without doing this regularly, the tree can become weak because the dead limbs are affecting the tree from growing healthily.

Safety – Having dead or maybe slightly broken limbs can pose a safety threat. They can be broken off during a storm or heavy winds, which can then fall on your house, car, or worse, you. Prevent this from happening by having your trees regularly trimmed.


Did you already cut a tree down? Or maybe had a tree break and fall during a storm. A lot of times, the stump is still left behind. Here are the top 4 reasons to grind your stumps:

Landscaping – It will leave behind a flat clean slate for any future landscaping you might want to do.

Insect Removal – Stumps tend to be the perfect home for insects like ants and termites. Grinding the stump will help remove them.

Resprouting – Just because you cut it down, doesn’t mean it dies right away. By leaving your stump in the ground, it can eventually resprout.

Curb Appeal – You won’t have to look at a stump in the ground anymore, cause who really wants to look at that everyday.