The Right Equipment To Do The Job

With Certified & Insured Tree Specialists, We Have Everything Needed To Do The Job!

Dead or broken limbs stuck up towards the top of the tree? Have a lot that needs to be trimmed off? We have the equipment needed to handle these drops! Using our Bucket Truck will allow us to reach those limbs at the top of the tree and our Dump Truck will allow us to easily clean it up!

We also have a Skid Loader to help clear away limbs and a chipper to turn the limbs we cut into mulch.


Do you have a lot of debris laying around your yard? Maybe you have leaves, limbs or branches that have fallen off of your trees and into your yard. Having a bunch of debris on your ground can make your yard look “messy”, might be an eye sore, and could become a safety hazard.

There are different routes you can take to dispose of these limbs/branches. You could load them up in a trailer or the bed of your truck and haul them off yourself. Or, save yourself the hassle and call us instead!

We have chippers that are perfect for situations like these! Why use a chipper instead of hauling them off? Chippers are great because they grind the limbs/branches really small, this makes it easier to clean up. Or, you can use it as mulch for your landscaping! Why go out and buy mulch from the store, when you have a great resource laying right in your yard!

So if you have limbs/branches that have fallen, or maybe need them trimmed, call us! We’ll trim them and grind them down with our chipper for you!


Sometimes tree removal requires larger equipment or machinery. At Earp’s Tree Service, we have Skid Loaders, which helps us to pull up, clean up, or clear away trees, limbs, etc. in a timely manner.

We are experienced and certified to run these equipments efficiently. Give us a call if you have stubborn trees or too many limbs that need cleared away!


Did a recent storm knock down or break some tree limbs? Did you recently trim the limbs yourself? Do you have a lot of trees or branches that need trimmed? Or perhaps you have a tree that needs removed. Whatever you may need done, no matter how big of a job, we have the tools and equipment to help you! Including a dump truck!

Dump trucks are perfect because they allow us to haul away a large amount of limbs in less amount of time. 

So save yourself the time and the hassle, and call us instead! We’ll have your trees trimmed, and cleaned-up in no time!


We all know trees grow very high! However, depending on where the trees are located, they could grow too high they could start to interfere with power lines. Trimming these trees might sound like a daunting task for some people. It might not even be possible for most people! However, at Earp’s Tree Service, we are trained for completing tasks like these!

One of the advantages we have is a bucket truck! Our bucket trucks allow us to safely get up towards the top of the trees and safely trim them down!