Have Fallen Limbs Needing Cleaned Up?

Whether they’ve fallen after a storm, or we cut them down, we offer clean-up services!

Storms can cause limbs to fall down, into your yard, on your street, on your home, etc. It can be a nightmare trying to clean it up! But no worries, just give us a call and we will clean it up for you! 

We also offer demolition services!


At Earp’s Tree Service, we know tree limbs break and fall. They die, a storm comes in, the wind picks up; tree limbs will always be falling. When that happens, give us a call. We offer clean-up services for any yard, any size, residential or commercial. We have the right equipment and certifications to safely and efficiently clean up your yard from un-wanted tree debris. 


We aren’t just tree specialists! We can also do demolitions! Whether you have a house, garage, shed, etc., that needs taken down, give us a call! We have the machinery and equipment needed to demolish any building! Call us today!